We improve the comfort of living.

We are constantly thinking about how to improve the comfort of living by bringing more information and functionalities to your tenants.

There are many factors that influence comfort of living, and one of the most important is that all people in a housing association are aware of all occurrences that are taking place in their living environment.

Most of the information on the comfort of living is provided by the property manager to the different parties within the housing association.

The well-being and comfort of your tenants is our business too!

Let’s improve the comfort of living together.

In our opinion, each housing association is a community of its own and therefore each community has its own will to develop the community’s living comfort further. Living comfort is influenced by the opportunity to be up to date with housing association matters and take care of housing issues, regardless of place and time.

As a personal online channel, we create an opportunity for your residents to take care of housing issues at a convenient time, right from where they are and of course 24/7. Notifications made by your residents are automatically routed to the management company thus ensuring efficient and prompt delivery of information.

As a property manager, we bring the ability to take centralized actions (such as collaboration, file sharing, information deliver, etc.) to all parties in your housing association, saving you valuable time. In addition, we provide a single sign-on opportunity to external systems provided by all your business partners.

Handy, right?

Get notified of new content.

Keeping residents informed about housing issues is a challenging task. Therefore, an e-mail notification informs users when new information is updated there.

Your residents will be automatically informed of the latest updates on the online channel. By this way, the latest information on housing issues is quickly brought to the attention of residents and naturally improves living comfort.

In addition, the most up-to-date information is conveniently located on the front page of the online channel, which gives your resident one-click access to the most recently updated information.

Nearly 150 property management companies are relying on us.

Communication, collaboration and processes in property management companies are at a turning point as customers’ demand have risen to totally new level.

We at Howzee.Info are dedicated to provide and develop top level online tool for property management companies. Our existing customer base consist of nearly 150 property management companies having nearly 8000 condominiums and over 500 000 users is a hard evidence of our high quality service.

Property management companies are facing the ever increasing challenge to communicate in multichannel environment. Howzee.Info is the enabler to customise your collaboration and communication into those channels that suits to your business preferences.

In our solution, you can collaborate and communicate with one or many condominiums at once in a centralised manner. Two-way collaboration and communication enable you and your customers to have a separated environment related to the living related matters.

What color will you choose?

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