About us

Formed in 2007, Mobimus Ltd. is the developer of howzee.info, an Internet based service channel that enables faster and more efficient communication between estate managers, tenants, landlords and other stakeholders. Mobimus Ltd is privately owned and has operations in UK and Finland. Currently we have nearly 100 satisfied property management companies and estate agents and over 150,000 users using the service on a daily basis. Therefore howzee.info is unquestionably one of the leading communication service channels in the housing sector in Europe.


Our mission is to create interactive, individual level, involvement between tenants, landlords, property managers and other stakeholders


We have solutions for every-day communication challenges and provide a bold, new, more efficient way to serve your customers in the housing sector.


Howzee wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Howzee.Info gathers added value content and service providers into one service channel. We operate as a service aggregator in order to deliver maximised benefits to our users.